Entirity has an experienced team of Design Engineers each with 11 to 20 years applicable experience. Our programs range from individual tasks to "clean sheet" designs which require hardware and software development, qualification testing, and system integration support. Entirity offers a full range of customized design services for embedded system development that include system architecture and design, electronic circuit design & analysis.

Our core competencies include microprocessor/microcontroller embedded system development, specifically for rugged applications. Upfront efforts are made to design for EMI and Environmental effects. We have developed systems utilizing microprocessors and microcontrollers from Freescale, Infineon, Intel, Texas Instruments, Microchip, as well as others.

Entirity control system and software development engineers are experienced at algorithm development along with real-time embedded code development. Our software development capabilities include high and low level languages as well as autocode from models as required.

Entirity embedded system development experience includes:

  • Various Analog & Digital Sensors
  • Core Processors
  • Sensor and Sensorless closed loop Control
  • Power Supplies
  • Multiplexed Communication Links
  • Battery and Energy Management
  • Integrated or Distributed Process Control
  • Diagnostics/Prognostics
  • System Analysis

To maintain control and to have traceability of changing requirements, Entirity has a Configuration Management System in place for tracking hardware and software version level and changes.

We are a large group of software engineers with proven track record diverse expertise and are able to poise software development efforts and project extent to your business requirements. We are quick to grasp the uniqueness of each of our clients and focus painstakingly on the individual needs of our clients as a basic step to move forward. With us, you can be sure of unfaltering support, stronger trust and state of the art software development cycle.

When it comes to Software Development Services, we have successfully delivered a variety of customized software products to clients spread across domains. We have expertise for both Web and desktop based software application solutions. Inspite of the disadvantages desktop applications are still as popular as web application. However most enterprises use and opt for web based solution for global access. Many solutions especially those that involve hardware/software interaction can only are built for the desktop, so both goes parallel. We offer to build back-office applications that can be used by clients to manage their operations as well as to manage their websites.

Our team is capable to produce customized software solution at various levels. Our team of experts will analyze your requirements and suggest the either the web/desktop mode of development.


  • .NET
  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • SAP
  • C/C++
  • C#,VB.NET

Software Services possess the expertise on whole range of technologies that can be used to develop efficient software products. We always choose most feasible and efficient technology for designing and developing solutions and believe that it works as a base that caters to the exact business needs. We provide you with a strikingly balanced software development and minimal project duration, availing you the otherwise rare cost advantage for your business.

At Entirity Software application solutions readily offer to develop a diversity of software components that can be integrated as per requirement with existing software products to extend their basic functionality for its future usage.

It is evident that in order to compete in this exceptionally aggressive world of business, we build mobile applications that allow your business to be vibrant and agile at any given point of time. For ensuring your business future growth to the highest degree and to implement performance and scalability, we provide mobile application development services with a broad measure of control to go with the needs of your organization. We keep our experts up to date with market trends and technology updates.

Our versatile group of Mobile Application Development specialists from Sydney produces economical yet efficient solution by isolating components in an application that encumber development, solve with effective and industry standard techniques. According to your needs and requirement for a mobile application we can provide you the best solutions that suit your business the best.

We have developed many applications that utilize the Palm OS, Windows CE, Symbian OS, CDMA & GSM Phones and Tablet PCs. We have development experience in GPS based J2ME Mobile Applications, Windows Mobile Application Solutions and NFC Mobile Application. We also provide end-to-end mobile/ wireless solutions that integrate business transactions through mobile devices and content delivery systems to publish a range of information valuable for both suppliers and buyers.

Mobile Application development became important as soon as people started using mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs. However, the design and implementation of mobile applications is yet to attain its best.

Our commitment to regularly improve and better on our products sets us apart from the rest. Entirity provides full variety Mobile Application Development that encompasses the entire mobile application development cycle from initial design and architecture to development and integration into existing systems. We have expertise in mobile application development which has given opportunity to showcase our domain expertise.

More and more number of customers are requiring solution providers present turnkey solutions for today's complex IT environments. With so many competing technologies, customers find it increasingly more difficult to find cohesive answers to their business needs.

In response to their customers Entiirty has built a solid reputation of providing comprehensive solutions that include hardware, software and services.

Let Entirity be your One Stop Shop for all of your Information technology needs!